Can I Be A Social Media Manager?

June 10, 2010

We all know how massively popular social media has become in the last 24 months. Kids, adults, and even animals have social networks.

Yes people with pets have social networks for their furry friends.

 The Internet is where everyone is and there is no indication of slowing down. With that being said big business’s know the potential business that can obtained by having an online presence. Some business’s are well aware of social media but would rather have someone else run it for them. 

On the other end of the spectrum.

 Some small business’s have a no clue on how to implement social networking into their marketing. So this dillema means that they would actually pay for services of this nature.  So the opportunity to be a social media manager is in full force.

So what it comes down too is that if you have a medium to high knowledge on Internet marketing & social media. You can have A social media manager job simply playing around on Facebook , Youtube, Twitter , & linkedin. But there is more too it, you have to possess a certain amount of organizing skills. On top of that great attention to detail. So if you have those qualities you can have a flourishing social media manager career as soon as next week.

 Social media manager jobs are in huge demand. Low low start-up costs & you can work from anywhere in the world at anytime. Also most of what needs to be done on a daily basis can be executed from a cell phone!


Social Media Marketing Manager

June 9, 2010

I guess it’s pretty safe to say that your interested in becoming a social media marketing manager. I also would bet money you would like to know what it entails. Well in a nut shell your daily job is to Create profiles, Run routine maintenance, reputation management, content creation and distribution.

 These are the typical services provided by a social media marketing manager. The services can be less or more depending solely on you, you have complete control.

As you learn more on how to take on this new lucrative career. You will realize you can work as little as 1 hour per day 2 hours per day or 3 hours per day. 

Just think more work means more hours spent equals more pay for your services. Your skill set will be much appreciated in the form of your payment.

Working with small business’s typically go for packages that best fit their budget. Which would mean services that take all of an hour to complete. But bigger business’s tend to take the luxury services you provide. Packages that take up more of your time that require a bigger committment.

The bottom line is that social networking is gigantic, with a world of potential customers for all business mediums. Your service as a social media manager is valued greatly. So charging clients for your skill can make a hefty monthly income

Social Media Manager Salary

June 8, 2010

Is it possible to do 4 figures a month every month like clockwork? The answer is yes. The social media manager salary is based on how many clients you have and what service packages you have contracted with them. If you take this business by the horns & are 100% dedicated the sky is the limit.

 Let’s say you have three clients that utilize your services.  You can charge them $1,000 a month which would indicate a recurring monthly fee. That’s a high 4 figures a month with only three clients.

Now say that you had those three clients but also had a couple of clients with a smaller service package of $500 a month.

Yeah its that simple!

 You see you set the stage you do the work they pay you handsomely. The clients pay so well because they are so use to having mind boggling advertisment budgets. Budgets up in the many thousands so when they see your service and know how social media is a gurantee, they run too you with open arms.

There are far more ways to monetize your social networking ability such as set up fees and outsourcing. But your social media manager salary is predicated on your expertise and creativity.

Social Media Manager Jobs

June 7, 2010

It’s a fact that social media manager jobs for careers are exploding. But to capitalize on this career you first have to brand yourself as leader & someone who knows their craft. By educating yourself completely on Internet marketing and social media you will raise the value of your services.

If you haven’t the slightest idea of how to do something then you need to educate yourself as soon as possible. You need to be up on trends & industry shifts that take place online.The more you know the more qualified you become more you can charge.

Branding oneself is about setting up your business how you would create a clients online agenda. Create your social profiles, websites, Fan pages basically your overall brand. This serves as a virtual reference to potential clients. The result is that clients see how your set up is inside the world of social media.

Then what happens next is that they want that type of presence for their business.

If done correctly then the laws of attraction work in your favor. Social media manager jobs are going to be around for along time. Thousands of business’s need this service yet you only need few clients to be making a decent salary. If your business gets too big then you go from social media manager to social media company owner!!

Social Media Managers On The Rise

June 6, 2010

 When there is a demand there is profit to be made, but when there is heavy demand then there is excessive profits to be made. You see right now social media rules the world with twitter & Facebook at the top of the food chain.

Some business are aware of this!

It was found that 81 per cent of businesses use Twitter to market themselves, compared to 78 per cent who use Facebook.  It’s also a fact the that most of those business owners would hire someone to run all there social media campaigns.

 But there are also small business’s everyday wanting to get online to take advantage of the masses provided by social media. They know that there are potential customers spanning the globe within the many social networks online.


 They really have no clue on how to create an online persona. So jobs such as social media managers are in heavy heavy demand. To be qualified to work as a social media manager you have to be social network inclined. Now there are more people who are qualified that haven’t the slightest clue they are.

This career field is rising more & more stay at home moms, college kids, baby boomers are earning a living hanging out on social networks. So I say get on it now while the pan is hot